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At the core of the creative design process is an open mind. Listen broadly, analytically, and intuitively. What will success look like? How will we know? Listen with appreciative eyes. Imagine what might be.


Information and insight is critical to an outcome that meets user needs and project criteria. What is currently working? What information can we acquire from observation, research, and dialog? Synthesize findings to inform and guide the process.


Creativity needs a flexible format for collective capacity building. How will we organize for success? Establish a team, tasks, timeline, milestones, and deliverables. Determine how to structure on-going communication to build greater understanding and buy-in.

Create a playground for ideas. Instill an environment for innovation that gives permission to test early, quickly, and inexpensively. Generate possibilities, learn fast, and use iteration techniques. Do not reject concepts prematurely. Dream, distill, and synthesize. Learn-as-you-go!

Design is creating with a purpose. Revisit the dreams, insights, research, and criteria. Craft a preferred solution. Present and refine. After the go/no-go decision, execute. Evaluate for opportunities to improve. It’s never really over.

Celebrate. Appreciate individual and group efforts. Recognize what has been accomplished and learned. Create moments of high enthusiasm.

"To really raise innovation productivity within organizations, at the strategic level and everywhere else, you have to increase the amount of design thinking inside organizations …The toughest part is taking that first step — breaking away from your habitual way of working and getting out in the world."

Tim Brown

Capacity through Design
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