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Capacity through Design helps organizations navigate today’s tasks and set tomorrow’s strategic directions. We work collaboratively to build prosperous organizations with high-performing people, programs, places, and processes that merge creativity with strategy and functionality.

1. Use Design to Differentiate and Execute
The creative design process complements linear thinking and planning to fuel the power of possibilities and imaginative intelligence.

2. Innovate Meaningfully
Ignite innovation that matters. Such innovation leads to a sustainable competitive advantage and an organization that works for people.

3. Form Partnerships
Creating smart partnerships on the inside and outside of an organization is essential for leading an organization that thrives in a climate of intensified competition and escalating expectations.

4. Promote Positive Change
An Appreciative Inquiry approach focused on “what’s working” engages individuals and teams to expand their capacity to explore, collectively design, and commit to a shared path of quality action.

5. Integrate
To expand and sustain innovation, distinctiveness, and effectiveness, simultaneously improve people, programs, place, and process in an intentional, integrated manner.

6. Invest in People
People are an organization’s greatest asset. Promote dreams, results, and pride at all levels. Build a team-oriented environment that recognizes outstanding individual contributions. That’s where the magic happens.
7. Sustain Progress
Progress is made through many incremental steps and by confronting the difficult while it is easy.

8. Get Going
It will never be perfect. Use design iterations to test assumptions and solutions quickly. Work to ensure continuous learning and improvement.

9. Exercise Discipline
Greatness is a matter of conscious choice and a focus on key priorities. Create positive results with disciplined thought, people, and action. Start a “not to do” list.

10. Navigate Change

An organization evolves through lifecycle stages facing predictable problems at each step. Vitality or decline is determined by how well leadership manages the challenges along the way.

11. Use Information
Meaningful information from observation, research, dialog, and intuition guides the art and science of building organizations, places, and leaders. Share insights to promote understanding and an informed process of continuous improvement.

12. Celebrate
Honor accomplishments and recognize individual and team efforts. Promote moments of high enthusiasm. Have fun!
Capacity through Design
strengthening people, programs, places, process

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