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Johnette Isham & Associates, Inc. is a flexible firm that can scale up or down to meet your needs, time schedule, and resources. We understand the cultural nuances that shape communication, cooperation, and decision-making. Our work helps you navigate in a graceful, timely manner by adding expertise, perspective, encouragement, and support.

Capacity through Design is people-oriented and focused on the quality of organizational life and the use of design thinking to merge creativity with strategy and functionality.

Capacity through Design is process-oriented. When the decision is made to work together, our first task is to define a successful outcome. After a brief discovery phase, objectives, milestones, and deliverables are defined.

Capacity through Design is response-oriented. Each consultancy is customized to your specialized needs. Listening and learning leads to results that exceed your expectation. Our engagement is aimed at ensuring your success after the project is completed.

Capacity through Design is action-oriented. We connect people and ideas with organizational priorities to “get the job done,” while developing the ability of individuals to connect, communicate, cooperate, and creatively apply their talents together.

"Design thinking can help us reimagine the day-to-day practice of informs the way we lead, manage, and create."

John A. Byrne

Capacity through Design
strengthening people, programs, places, process

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